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Adventure Guide and Princess Circles for the upcoming year are starting now. Join an existing circle in your area or create your own circle with friends.

School’s out for Summer! Spring programs along with the school year have come to a close and summer has begun with an exciting line-up of classes, camps and activities for all ages. It’s a great time to be a member of the Y!

Join in June for $0

Join the Y in June and there is no joiner's fee! That's up to $95 in savings. Individuals, families, all may join for $0 this June. Go to for more information.

Join a team, join a class, join new friends. Get active, get healthy, get involved. At the Y, there's something for everyone. Financial assistance and income based memberships are available.

2015 Annual Campaign

The 2015 YMCA Annual Campaign has come to a close. To date, the Frisco Y has raised $145,726 or 103% of goal. The Annual Campaign ensures access to YMCA programs and services for children and families in our community. The Frisco Family YMCA is one of 15 branches in the Dallas Y Association that have reached their goal.

Kick Start

Need a Kick Start? If you're bored with the same old workout routine or just not getting the results you expect, try  "Kick Start." Free with your YMCA membership,  "Kick Start" is an opportunity to meet with a personal trainer to assess your wellness goals and develop a plan to most effectively reach them. For more information about "Kick Start," simply inquire about the program at the welcome center desk during your next visit to the Y.

Summer Football Clinic 

Sign-ups continue for our special Summer Football Clinic with Coach Craig Robertson of the Cleveland Browns - with sessions for kids 4-6 & 7-12.

Saturday, July 11 (previously scheduled for June) 
Session 1: 8:00am - 9:30am (ages 4-6)
Session 2: 10:00am - 11:30am (ages 7-12)
Session 1 Y Members: $40 
Session 1 Non-members: $55
Session 2 Y Members: $40
Session 2 Non-members: $55

CALL 214-297-9622 or email Sports Director Zachary Bergquist at  

Wet Weather / Insect Notice

The wet weather we've had has brought out the mosquitos. It is recommended that parents bring bug spray for their young athletes coming out to the fields. 

Parents Night Out

Let the Y take care of your little ones while you enjoy an evening on the town or take care of errands. Frisco Family YMCA Parents Night Out is from 6 to 10pm Saturday, June 27.

PNO is open to ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. The kids play games, have adventures, make crafts, watch a movie and more in a safe and fun environment. Drinks and dinner included! Bring a friend along, too - and make it twice as nice!

The cost is $22 (member rate); $18 per additional child. Non-members welcome, too! The non-member rate is $27, and $23 per additional child.

TO REGISTER, visit our Welcome Center or call 214-297-9622.

Father of the Year

This year, the Frisco Family YMCA has awarded the annual Father of the Year title to Charles Goebel. Goebel, along with his wife and two daughters, has been an active member of the Frisco YMCA for eight years. He works as a pediatrician in Plano and serves many of the Frisco YMCA member families.  

Described in his nomination, "Dr. Chuck loves his patients and his family and puts their needs before his own. He is infamous for his caring, compassion and support of our families and his patients. He is a one of a kind doctor, husband, father and man." 

Youth Sports

2015 Fall Sports Registration - through August 23rd! 

Registration is underway for Youth and PreSchool Basketball, Flag Football, Cheer, Youth and Ankle Biters Soccer, and Small Fry Sports. The Small Fry schedule includes Golf in August, Soccer in September and Football in October.

Registration is available online at For questions or other information, call 214-297-9622 or email Sports Director Zachary Bergquist at  

Teen Speed and Agility Class

Teen Speed and Agility class for ages 12-18 begins July 7. Held Tuesday and Thursday from 9-10am the class will include speed and agility training and strength training. Working with our highly skilled trainers, the strength conditioning and speed training program is designed to improve form, acceleration, deceleration, change in direction of 360 degrees, lateral speed, agility and most importantly, overall speed. 

Trainers are certified and accomplished in the latest techniques and programs to help build confidence, strength and overall fitness. This class is designed for any level. Come see what all the excitement is about!

YMCA Summer Camp 2015

During the last weekend in May, more than 400 summer camp staff attended a 2-day training at YMCA Collin County Adventure Camp to prepare them for the start of camp. You can find more information about all of our summer camps below and by visiting our website at

Frisco Elementary School-Based Day Camps:Ages 5-12

Camp Kiowa: Curtsinger Elementary: 

12450 Jereme Trail, Frisco, TX 75035

Camp Caddo: Sparks Elementary: 

8200 Otis Drive, Frisco, TX 75034

  • June 8-August 7, 2015   / Hours: 7:00am-6:30pm
  • Weekly Swimming* & Field Trip* + 2 snacks per day included
  • $141 Y Member/ $173 Non-Member +$50 Reg Fee/Siblings: $10 off

Camp on the Ridge: McKinney Family YMCA (ages 5-12)

  • June 8-August 21, 2015 / Hours: 7:00am-6:30pm
  • Weekly Swimming*, Field Trip* & Archery + 2 snacks per day included
  • 80% of time spent outside
  • $143 Y Member/ $163 Y Non-Member +$50 Reg Fee/Siblings: $5 off

Camp Chippewa: Plano Family YMCA (ages 5-12)

  • June 8-August 21, 2015 / Hours: 7:00am-6:30pm
  • Weekly Swimming* , Field Trip* & Archery + 2 snacks per day included
  • 80% of time spent outside
  • $145 Y Member/ $175 Y Non-Member +$50 Reg Fee/Siblings: $5 off

Camp Lobos: Little Elm Rec Center (ages 5-12)

  • June 8-August 21, 2015 / Hours: 7:00am-6:30pm
  • Weekly Swimming* , Field Trip* & Archery + 2 snacks per day included
  • 80% of time spent outside
  • $122/wk +50 Reg Fee/Siblings: $5 off

*Visit our website for weekly schedule and to see the updated field trip calendars. Choose any camp(s) and any week(s) that  fit your family's schedule!

Adventure Guides and Princesses

The Adventure Guide and Princess programs for Grades K-3 aims to strengthen the bond between fathers and their children through activities that allow them to spend quality time together. 

The program involves community, nature, family and fun. The Guide and Princess program builds memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you have a daughter or a son, this program is fun and loved by all. 

Circles for the upcoming year are starting now. Join an existing circle in your area or create your own circle with friends. 

The first step to experiencing all that Adventure Guides has to offer is to sign up for 2015-2016. Registration for the upcoming year and the fall campout at Grady Spruce is underway! Go to to get started.

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