Learn To Square Dance - Beginning August 1st



Central Standard Time


Recur every 1 week(s) on Tuesday for a maximum of 20 occurrences.


The Center at Rockwall
108 E. Washington St.
Rockwall, Texas 75087

Square Dancing Is:

FUN:  Square dancing brings people together for fun and fellowship.  The fun starts the very first night.  You’ll meet new people, make new friends and the fun continues.  Dancers usually meet once a week for classes while clubs meet twice a month or more.  It’s the perfect way to share common interests with other people while escaping the worry and pressures of today’s busy world.  Square dancing is done in recreation centers, dance halls, resorts and cruise ships and is done to fun music from the Golden Oldies to Elvis to current hits of all genres.  The fun and exercise of the activity plays an important part in your remaining youthful and in good physical condition.

Holding Your Interest:  Square Dancing is a mental and physical challenge.  It’s dancing while thinking.  You can’t do it alone.  The goal is to work with others in your ‘Square’.  Moving in rhythm to the music keeps you physically fit while reacting to the calls keeps you mentally alert and on your toes.  Never knowing what move will be called next, your troubles disappear as you need total concentration to follow the calls. 

“No Experience Necessary:”  Learning the basic steps is easy.  An experienced square dance ‘Caller’ teaches you the moves and the names of the calls that you will dance.  You practice these moves until they feel as natural as walking.  Then your caller combines the basic moves and steps into whole dance patterns.  You (and the others in your square) simply follow the calls.  Each arm turn brings a surprise and, as the pattern concludes, all the moves bring you back to your partner. You will be active and dancing at every lesson!  You’ll never be bored with what is sure to become your favorite pastime.

Fitness & Friendship:  Square dancing is movement to music done in groups of four couples.  It’s not a spectator sport.  It’s for the active in heart, soul and body.  Dancing is the no stress no strain way of getting exercise.  It’s a great way to meet new people because the dance formations cause you to interface with the others in your square.  The break between dance tips is a natural lead-in to conversation.  Square dance clubs are ready-made groups of friends.  When you travel, you’ll find square dance clubs in every state, every country and on every continent.  You’ll bring back many fond memories.  There’s no better way for active, contemporary people to meet and build a circle of wonderful friends.  Learn to square dance and a brand new world of fun, fitness and fellowship will open up to you.

Non-competitive:  An activity you can do with your partner that doesn’t keep a score.  With other activities you’re either alone or competing.  When you dance, you’re cooperating; working with others.  It’s the ultimate togetherness workout.

People from All Walks of Life:  Square dancers are all kinds of people sharing a common love of action and teamwork.  Square dancers are CEO’s, Secretaries, Machinists, Farmers, Corporals, Colonels, Lawyers, Doctors, Nurses…you name it.  When square dancers get together they talk about square dancing, family, vacations, holidays and the like.  No one cares who the Janitor is or who’s the CEO.  What they do care about is you and your dance interests.

For All Age Groups:  If you’re old enough understand and follow instructions you’re old enough to Square Dance.  All family members can participate together.  When was the last time you were able to do something as an entire family if you wanted to?  Children and Teens, as well as adults, are welcome.

For more information, call Wayne Shoemaker at 214-336-7249.