“Respect 2 Win” is a week-long program that was presented to Rockwall-Heath freshmen by the Rockwall Women in Need Shelter, Inc.

The program targets specific elements of relationships, expectations and boundaries, as well as warning signs both males and females can look for to prevent relationship abuse.

  • The program is divided into four parts:
  • Part one – Healthy Relationships
  • Part two – Red Flags (4 Types)
  • Part three – 4 Types of Abuse
  • Part four – Goal Setting

The program was rolled out to all freshman at RHHS via their core English, History, Math and Science classes.

The Women in Need Shelter is a local organization dedicated to eradicating violence in homes and families. The shelter provides 24-7 assistance to those in need of a safe place to turn should they face violence in their home. The month of October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month, and this presentation was the perfect way to mark such an important issue in our world.

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