Every day when students in Danielle Lynn’s Resource class at Shannon Elementary walk in they have a bell ringer. With social media being such a big part of our students’ daily lives, they decided this year their bell ringer was going to be a #tweetoftheday.

Their job is to take the hashtag phrase, separate those words that make up the phrase and then to turn around and build a complete sentence with it. What the students don’t realize is this helps build fluency and it’s fun, therefore – WIN WIN! What started as a bell ringer has now turned in to an opportunity for our kids to let their imaginations run wild.

The sentences they come up with are priceless. Check these out:

  • #thankfulfora3dayweekend – lead us into how we don’t use numbers in that form when we write sentences unless it’s a math problem.
  • #nationalreadabookday
  • #whatwouldyoudowednesday – then we journaled with my prompt : What would you do Wednesday if … you were 6 inches tall?


Shannon Tweetoftheday

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