Governor Abbott deemed September 15th “Power Up at Your Library Day.” To celebrate, the Jones Elementary Library had a technology night where students and parents could come and experience all of the great technology Jones has to offer!

There were multiple stations that families could visit and try:

  • The Keva Planks area allowed families to try building and balancing challenges using planks of wood that are all cut the same size.
  • The Sphero Robots station had iPad with apps that showed students and parents how to program a robot using block coding.
  • Snap Circuits are a great tool to teach younger kids about circuits and appealed to the students in the younger grades. The CodeMaster board game table showed families how coding skills can be taught without using any electronics. Bloxels game creation allowed students and parents to make a video game from scratch.
  • The Lego Movie Maker station had two “studios” where families could create a stop motion video. There were laptops set up for participants to experience 3D Design.
  • Soundation Music Creation was open on the libraries computers and presented the opportunity to create original music.
  • The LittleBits circuits table was an area where the students and parents got hands on experience with circuits and how to power machines.

There was Open eBook registration where families could gather information on how to sign up to receive access to thousands of free eBooks.

Collin Mask, a sixth grader at Jones, and his father also set up a Vex robot demonstration.

This event was coordinated and run by Allyssa Loya, Teresa Twedell, Marsha Welsh, Dolly De La Garza, Kay Orr, Diane Cockrill, Melissa Barnes and Kris McDonald.

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