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Stevenson Elementary Takes Part in the Rockwall HS Homecoming Parade

Many of our schools and families came out and lined the streets on October 12th to celebrate one another this year for the Rockwall Homecoming Parade.  One of the many schools represented in particular was Billie Stevenson Elementary.  Students who attend Stevenson are future Rockwall Yellow Jackets and love to show their school pride.

If you are a Stevenson Cub, chances are you have met our school’s namesake Mrs. Billie Stevenson.  Mrs. Stevenson comes to support her Cubs at many of the yearly events, including this year’s homecoming parade.

With over 30 years in education it’s no wonder Mrs. Stevenson is so well loved.  She greatly enjoyed riding along with the children and waving to the crowd in support of our wonderful students, school, and city.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016