Second graders, in Ms. Sanford’s class, at Nebbie Williams Elementary held a presentation on their project based learning unit titled, “The Best Little Town in Texas.” During the project, the students researched what makes Rockwall a great community.

The students discovered many unique things about Rockwall through research and interviews with community members: Stephanie Adams, Pat Cantwell, and Russell Phelps.  Ultimately they concluded that the great citizens of Rockwall from the past and present is what makes Rockwall the best little town in Texas. Their projects were media created to make others want to come to Rockwall through the creation of commercials and brochures.

Project based learning projects require an authentic audience. The audience included Lisa Gielow, Bridget Justiss, Stephanie Adams, Russell Phelps, and Mayor Jim Pruitt. Another important piece of project based learning is the incorporation of 21st century skills collaboration, creativity & communication.

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