Nebbie Nation is so proud of all the students who participated in this year’s Texas PTA Reflections Contest. The entries were fantastic.

“We are proud to have so much creativity at Nebbie, and wonderful parents and teachers to nurture our kids and help them grow in their artistic skills,” said Astaire Hailu, the PTA Reflections Coordinator. “I want to give special thanks to our art teacher, Mrs. Perdue.”

There were many entries received for the Nebbie Williams 2016-2017 PTA Reflections Contest.

Nebbie Williams PTA would like to thank our judges: Russ Porter, Betty Jean Hoaglund, James Kuntz, Nancy Kuntz, Doreen Miller, and Lindsey Snelling.


The winners for the PTA Reflections Contest were:



Primary (Grades K-2)

“My Ballet Class”- Cadence Orr – Award of Excellence*

“The Farm”- Eva Roorda- Award of Merit

“Dancer”- Kairi Roan- Honorable Mention

Intermediate (Grades 3-5)

“My Life Jacket”- Charles Martin- Award of Excellence*

Middle (Grade 6)

“Dance Forever”- Gracie Cearley- Award of Excellence*

“Savior’s Cross”- Tanley Coykendall- Award of Merit*

“Chinese Zodiac”- Kirsten McGee- Honorable Mention



Primary (Grades K-2)

“My Dance Stuff”- Gaitley Savage- Award of Excellence*

“Charlie”- Zander Moore – Award of Merit

Middle (Grade 6)

“Home on the Field” –Callie Warren- Award of Excellence*

“Magic Piano”- Caroline Davidson- Award of Merit*

“Colors of Emotion”-  Eddie Butler- Honorable Mention*

“My Fatherly Sunset”- Kaitlyn McClain- Honorable Mention*



Primary (Grades K-2)

“Our Story About Dance”- Cassandra McCabe- Award of Excellence*

“Reading: An Adventure in Books”- Kriston McClain- Award of Merit

Intermediate (Grades 3-5)

“A New Hope; How My Story Was Rewritten”- Kaley Cock- Award of Excellence*



Intermediate (Grades 3-5)

“Be the Change”- Kinsley Moore- Award of Excellence*

*Entries with an asterisk were also selected to move to the next level of judging. These entries will be judged by our Council PTA members along with other selected entries from RISD elementary schools. Council PTA will release the names of these winners in January 2017. 

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