Rockwall ISD honored the 2015 Teachers of the Year from each of its 19 campuses on Friday, May 8 at a celebration held at the Hilton Bella Harbor. The highlight of the evening was the naming of the elementary and secondary district Teachers of the Year for 2015. Taking the elementary-level honor was Edna Solis from Ouida Springer Elementary. Candy Holland from Rockwall-Heath High School was selected as the Secondary Teacher of the Year.

Both teachers were awarded a vacation package valued at $2,500. Together they will serve as the district’s representatives for the regional Teacher of the Year competition administered by the Texas Association of School Administrators.  Additionally, each campuses teacher of the year received a $200 Visa gift card and “swag bag” containing a plaque and other goodies from each of the sponsors.

The 19 Campus Teachers of the Year are as follows:

  • Vicki McCoy – Amanda Rochell Elementary School
  • Connie Westerman – Amy Parks-Heath Elementary School
  • Jaclyn Almon – Billie Stevenson Elementary School
  • Helen Gulley – Celia Hays Elementary School
  • Patrick McClendon – Doris Cullins-Lake Pointe Elementary School
  • Stephanie Barentine – Dorothy Smith Pullen Elementary School
  • Theresa Chorba – Dorris A. Jones Elementary School
  • Shelly Baldwin – Grace Hartman Elementary School
  • Eva Garza – Howard Dobbs Elementary School
  • Justin Foley – Nebbie Williams Elementary School
  • Edna Solis – Ouida Springer Elementary School
  • Carman Dennard – Sharon Shannon Elementary School
  • Amanda McCampbell – Virginia Reinhardt Elementary School
  • Marcus Edwards – Herman E. Utley
  • Katie Braden – J.W.Williams Middle School
  • Jenae Glanton – Maurine Cain Middle School
  • Nichelle Wallace – Rockwall High School
  • Candy Holland – Rockwall-Heath High School
  • Renea Miller – Rockwall Quest Academy

We would like to thank our 12 generous sponsors who funded the 2015 event:

  • Law Firm Abernathy, Roeder, Boyd & Joplin
  • Cenergistic – The Energy Conservation Company
  • Durham Transportation
  • Attorneys Linebarger, Goggin, Blair & Sampson, LLP
  • PBK
  • Pogue Construction
  • Rockwall ISD Education Foundation, Inc.
  • Rockwall Breakfast Rotary
  • SSC Service Solutions
  • Stantec
  • Toyota of Rockwall
  • VLK Architects
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