On Monday, April 11, Ed Grand-Lienard, Nora Harding, and Rodney Allen of Special Products & MFG. Inc. in Rockwall, presented RHHS and Dr. Maglisceau with two, new Heath High School crests that were designed and built by seniors Ryan Bass and Stewart Potter. The crest design and production has been an ongoing project since the winter months, and it culminated in the delivery today.

The crests will be installed at RHHS in the Leadership Hallway and front entryway, respectively, over the coming days. This project would not have been possible if it weren’t for the generous people at Special Products & MFG Inc. as well as the creative genius, vision, and execution of both Bass and Potter.

Next time you are at Heath, make sure to check out the two, new, beautiful additions to an already great campus!

RHHSCrest5 RHHSCrest3 RHHSCrest2 RHHSCrest1 RHHSCrest4
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