The teachers at Jones Elementary are creating amazing STEM lessons for their students. Students are learning through hands on activities, experiments and experiences.

The fourth graders have learned about metamorphosis by raising their own meal-worms and seeing them transform into beetles.  By raising the beetles themselves, the students witnessed, first hand, the stages of a beetle’s life cycle: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.  Once the final stage completed, the students took the beetles outside for beetle races to observe their movements.  They had so much fun while learning, and it is a lesson that will stick in their brains for years to come.

The fifth graders are learning about circuits in their science class and are getting hands on experience by using Circuit Scribe pens to draw circuits.  As they are drawing and creating circuit patterns, they are learning about positive and negative charges, open and closed circuits, the flow of electricity, and electric currents.  Because the students are creating and producing, they are gaining valuable problem solving skills along the way as well.

Jones Elementary has kids “fully charged” with knowledge!

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