Two groups from Rockwall-Heath High School and Utley Middle School conducted fundraising events benefitting the Children’s Advocacy Center for Rockwall County.

Students in the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) at Rockwall-Heath High School sold Mary Kay beauty products and had a bake sale raising $700.00. Students in the Peer Assistance and Leadership program at Utley Middle School mowed lawns, babysat, sold art projects, and performed other various tasks to raise $436.57.

Rockwall County District Attorney Kenda Culpepper and members of the CAC Task Force were on hand to receive the donations from the students and talk more about how their contributions will benefit others.

“Kids helping kids – that’s as good as it gets,” said District Attorney Culpepper. “Each of these student leaders took time out of their busy schedules to give back to this community and to directly assist children who are in crisis. I enjoyed spending time with each of them to personally thank them for their hard work.”

The CAC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing services for abused children. It will create a safe, child-friendly environment where prosecutors, law enforcement, counselors and other advocates will collaborate to more effectively seek justice and promote healing for Rockwall County’s most vulnerable citizens. For more information about the CAC or to help, go to

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