Congratulations to Rockwall High School Class of 2016! Rockwall ISD is excited to have been a part of your life and we wish you well on your journey after graduation. View some photos from the graduation ceremony.


RHS Grad1 RHS Grad2 RHS Grad3 RHS Grad4 RHS Grad5 RHS Grad6 RHS Grad7 RHS Grad8 RHS Grad9 RHS Grad10 RHS Grad11 RHS Grad12 RHS Grad13 RHS Grad14 RHS Grad15 RHS Grad16 RHS Grad17 RHS Grad18 RHS Grad19 RHS Grad20 RHS Grad21 RHS Grad22 RHS Grad23 RHS Grad24 RHS Grad25 RHS Grad26 RHS Grad27
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