With the assistance of “Weather Minds” from WFAA, meteorologist Collen Coyle helped the second graders of Cullins-Lake Pointe  get a hands on lesson on weather safety with the approaching tornado season.  The second graders have been learning about the different types of weather safety in their classes.  The students at Cullins were so excited to hear first-hand from a meteorologist about how the weather is predicted!

A second grader in Mrs. Bishop’s class, Nathan Freeman, said that he learned that “static electricity can be conducted by water.  That’s why you can’t be in the water when there’s lightning!  Don’t be in your pool!”

Ayden Rosales, also in Mrs. Bishop’s class said, “I learned that you need to stay away from tall objects when there’s lightning.  It’s just safer to stay indoors.”


Colleen Coyle showing second graders at Cullins how to “duck and cover” correctly.

Colleen Coyle demonstrating to students the power of the wind in a tornado.

Colleen Coyle talking to second graders at Cullins Elementary about the weather.

Colleen Coyle with Mrs. Baird, Cullins Elementary Principal.

Colleen Coyle with Kylin Bishop, a WFAA fan!

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