On Wednesday, January 28, 2015, the newly established Heath Student Council “Pride Patrol” made its first-ever journey across I-30 and down 205 to its first destination of Nebbie Williams Elementary School.

Pride Patrol ambassadors Kenzie Woessner, Senior, and Chelsea Sumpon, Junior, sported their logo baseball tees and joined forces with Student Council Sponsor Leah Voth, Nebbie Williams Principal Lisa Gielow, and Nebbie Williams Counselor Taylor Bell to make the special moment happen.

The group was “escorted” to the classroom of nominee Holly Sanford by one of her students, who peeked outside and waved them in when the time was right. As they entered the room, the Pride Patrol and nearby teachers and Sanford’s grade level team members cheered loudly. Her students quickly joined in. Sanford’s face, and those of her students, registered surprise and delight as she realized that she was being spotlighted for her great efforts at the campus.

The nomination, submitted by Principal Lisa Gielow, reads as follows:

Nebbie Williams proudly nominates Holly Sanford for your H.A.W.K.S. Pride Patrol to recognize. She is a second grade teacher here. She continually shows leadership on our campus. She currently is one of our district’s Ambassadors and is a shining example of how to positively promote public education. Recently, she and another teacher representing the district ambassador program, bought drinks and Sonic cups and ice, decorated a cart (picture attached) and walked the halls to bring an unexpected treat to our hard working teachers. The added bonus was she made homemade scratch off tickets with a sweet surprise for the teachers to redeem, a jeans day!! She is always the first to volunteer to help, she positively approaches any new change in education or initiative we begin at our school. She is not daunted when she has students who have behavior or learning difficulties. Her classroom is a very happy place. You can walk by and hear her students singing songs or watch as they cooperatively work together. Mrs. Sanford is always the first to voice thankfulness when the staff is provided a treat or recognition. If you need someone to play softball in a charity game, fill in for a duty position, or serve in various capacities in the community or her church, Mrs. Sanford is your girl. We are very blessed to have her at Nebbie Williams.

Kenzie Woessner read the framed nomination aloud as Sanford and her students listened intently. Afterward, Principal Gielow introduced Mrs. Sanford’s husband, Larry Sanford, who arrived dressed for the honorable occasion in a suit and tie.

The Pride Patrol also presented Sanford with a “Pride Patrol” t-shirt and a bucket of goodies, including “Heath” candy bars.

The Pride Patrol will continue to welcome nominations from campus principals and will continue to celebrate more staff members from around Rockwall ISD.

“It was very exciting to see the joy and surprise on Mrs. Sanford’s face when we presented her with our Pride Patrol goodies. I love that we get the chance to recognize teachers and staff for the good things they do,” Woessner said.

“Seeing the reaction on Mrs. Sanford’s face was the best feeling ever. She was honestly shocked. I must say I am honored to help make her day,” Sumpon said.

“Thank you for the opportunity to share great things about our teachers,” Gielow said.

“I am honored to be the first recipient of the Hawk Pride Patrol prize.  Receiving recognition for doing a job I truly love is a blessing.  I am thankful for the opportunity to work with wonderful students every day in a supportive school and community environment.  My students and I agree that having the Pride Patrol pop into our classroom is a FABULOUS surprise and a great way to begin the day.  Thank you for making this sweet memory for us!” Sanford said.

Article written by Leah Voth

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